About Huck's Hollow Farm


I, Theresa Huck, owner of Huck’s Hollow Farm, have lived in Nevada County for 16 years. This community taught my family and I on how to think about the Earth, which taught us a bit about where our food comes from.

We believe that GMO’s are dangerous to our health, the environment and our society as a whole. We do not want pesticides in our food or chemicals in our packaging. ​

We wanted to provide clean food in clean packaging that won’t destroy our planet. This is the sum total of our vision and motivation for Huck’s Hollow Farm Homemade Goods.

We hope that you will support our vision for a local economy, a plastic free world and new food system!

Stuff We Do Best

Organic Products: 100%
Non GMO: 100%
Plastic Free Packaging: 100%
Crackers that pack massive crunch: 100%